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I honestly cannot say enough amazing things about Roe. She is seriously THE BEST!!! We began looking for a doula for our second child this past February. I knew I wanted to have a doula with me again because of our previous, wonderful experience with our last child. We interviewed and talked with a few other doulas in the area and once we met Roe, we knew she was the one!! Roe is both professional, and caring and completely trustworthy. From start to finish, she was there for us and once the big day came, she was just awesome. During my labor I felt cared for and safe. Roe comes well equipped with her knowledge of different labor positions, to setting the right mood in the hospital delivery room(think twinkling lights). Do not pass up the gem that is Roe. I cannot thank her enough for the positive birth experience I had!!


We were sooo blessed to have Roe as our doula during my Pregnancy, Labor, and Post! We are first time parents and our little girl was born December 2018 and I can't say enough about our experience. 

We had interviewed quite a few candidates and Roe really checked off all the boxes for us. She was warm and kind, but takes no crap from anyone which we LOVED and needed especially during labor! She was on our side 100% of the time and was a constant for us. We had sooo many different doctors and nurses going in and out and switching shifts during labor at Kaiser Panorama, and it was truly invaluable to have someone there who was truly just there for us and our baby. She really brought a lot of much needed comfort and ease to the whole experience. Not to mention, she gives a KILLER foot massage. Haha no joke, that lady rubbed my feet for almost 24 hours just because it felt so good to me. Amazing!

She's honest, does what she says, and doesn't false advertise. She doesn't try too hard to impress and is totally real and down to earth no matter who you are. She also wasn't a "know it all" which was important for us, because we didn't want to feel demeaned as first time parents...even though we totally had no clue what we were doing, Roe never made us feel like we didn't and was super respectful about the roles we were about to step into and our wishes during pregnancy, labor, and post. 

She also really knows her stuff. Her education is impressive, but I love that she continues to educate herself. And if she doesn't know the answer to something she lets you know and pulls from her many resources to get you the answers you need.  I think a lot of the Doula's share their knowledge with each other, so whenever she didn't know something she was able to get us an answer same day. We learned a ton from her! She also provided us with some great books, articles, and worksheets to help us along the way.

She was also GREAT with my husband! She knew how to not only work with me, but clearly understood my husbands role and gave him and I both the tools we needed to thrive. 

Also...Doula's can be expensive these days, but Roe was incredibly affordable. We feel we got WAY more than what we paid for and appreciated that it didn't cost us as arm and a leg. VERY generous!

We met with Roe 3 times before labor, she was there for us during, and came to meet with us once post labor. However, she has also helped us a ton more post labor via text or the phone. VERY helpful and never seems too busy to help us out beyond the regularly scheduled meetings. 

We now consider Roe a close friend and family :) and we are so grateful for her during this precious time and beyond.

Matt & Katie Levy

If I could give birth all over again just to have more time with Roe, I would! I first came across Roe's website after one of the moms on a FB group I belong to recommended her to someone else who was in search of a doula. 
From our first conversation I got the sense Roe was truly passionate about supporting women. She was warm and inviting and spent time answering my questions. Following our initial exchange, we scheduled a meet and greet. She came to my home and we chatted over tea about my first birth experience, about her philosophy on the birth process, and what I could expect with her as my doula. 
We had two additional meetings and each time Roe came prepared with tons of resources to help prepare me and my husband for labor. She also helped with creating a "birth plan" during these meetings and it was so great to have someone who has seen dozens of birth plans share their insight on this! She is a hands-on doula and truly seeks to provide you with the kind of support you need. At our last meeting she modeled various labor positions and taught my husband how he could help mitigate discomfort during contractions. 
Roe truly cares! She checked in with me daily and sent me affirmations. Roe is attentive, responsive, and a wonderful person to have by your side during one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. At the hospital I was amazed at Roe's ability to read my expressions when I was in pain, before I knew it, she was comforting me by either reminding me to breathe or rubbing my feet. During recovery, Roe was super helpful at the hospital and made sure I was comfortable. 
Following the birth of our daughter, Roe continued to reach out to see how I was doing. I can't tell you how much it meant to me knowing that this amazing woman was sending me love and good vibes every day! I should mention, she is VERY knowledgeable and answered many of my postpartum related questions via text which was so helpful. We had one more follow up, she came to our home with a yummy juice from Whole Foods and we chatted about my labor, recovery, and breastfeeding. 
Roe is a wonderful doula and person, I am incredibly grateful to have found her. If you are looking for a doula, look no further, you have found her and her name is Doula Roe!

Josie D.

This is a long one! Settle in =)
I started searching for a doula pretty late in the game. I kept putting it off because I didn't know how to find someone I would want in the same room as me in one of the most intimate moments of my life. Realizing the inevitable was going to happen whether I was ready or not, I got serious and reached out to a handful that responded to a Facebook inquiry. Roe was the only one I met in person and I knew the second I was in her presence that she would bring the energy I needed into what could be an overwhelming situation. Roe is incredibly easy to talk to, she isn't shy to bring up things some people would rather not talk about and most importantly she made my husband and I feel like we would be in good hands if things were to become hectic in the delivery room. When I reached out to her my baby was breech and the possibility of her turning seemed slim. She helped me with exercises and techniques to get our girl to flip, but in the end she was comfortable where she was at and I ended up having a planned c-section. Leading up to the c-section we were still trying to flip the baby, but a week before I decided to focus completely on mentally preparing for the c-section. Roe respected my decision and sent me affirmations, love, and all the positive vibes I needed in order to be relaxed. The morning of the c-section she was there to keep my husband and I calm, spoke to the nurses about things we wanted and reviewed the birth plan with everyone. In the operating room she was able to take videos and photos of the moment we met our daughter. After our daughters birth Roe followed up almost daily to see how we were and how breastfeeding was going. Her aftercare was amazing and helped with resources for releasing our daughters lip tie. Overall, if I get pregnant again I will definitely be calling Roe. Her heart and soul is behind helping women feel empowered to do what is right for them in their pregnancy and labor/delivery. I am grateful I found her and you will be too!


I couldn't imagine this birthing experience without Roe! This was our second child and I really wish I knew about her for our first birth. I wanted to have a birthing experience without pain medication for each and with Roe's support and encouragement I was able to achieve that for our second child.

She provided so much needed reassurance and guidance during this process. My husband was initially reluctant about the idea of having a doula, but was open to whatever I expressed needing. In the end, he expressed that he wishes he could have paid Roe more than she actually charges because she was of tremendous support throughout the process, and especially during labor. We truly could not imagine what it would be like without her.

On the day of she provided counter pressure, guided me through the breathing, provided suggestions as needed, and brought all of the items we had discussed in our previous meetings. She really does stick to her word and deliver what she promises.

I never imagined that having a doula would have been THIS wonderful. I truly cannot sum up into words how meaningful it was to have Roe by our side.

I would have her by my side again in a heart beat. She is a genuinely kind person with a strong desire to fulfill her role. She does her research and is available to answer your questions throughout the process.


My wife and I were very happy with her services. She is friendly caring and very informative. This was our first child and we have many questions about giving birth and what to expect. Roe walked us thru every aspect of what to expect. On delivery day we called Roe at 4am and she promptly met us at the hospital. We were in labor for 25 hours and Roe was with us every step of the way. She did a great job calming and preparing my wife the the inevitable delivery which in the end went thru smoothly. She is the best and I would recommend her to everybody.

Mark K.

I interviewed three doulas and felt immediately comfortable with Roe. She is an amazing Doula and also human being. I live in a different city from my family and she was like a stand in mother, and one who gives an awesome massage! I had a difficult induction, and Roe was beside me the whole way, encouraging me, supporting me, wiping my tears away through painful procedures and just being amazing. I was obsessed with heat on my back as I back labored and she kept asking the nurses for more heat packs until they brought in an entire box! She was my advocate the whole 25 hours and I can't recommend her enough.


Roe was always professional and caring throughout all our meetings and demonstrated a deep knowledge of pain management, was extremely supportive and a wonderful listener. Any family would be lucky to have her on their team! Thank you,Roe!


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