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Hi, my name is Rotem Marabella and I am a DONA certified birth doula residing in Santa Clarita, California. After completing my Masters in Public Health from UCLA and then living in Boston, MA for six years I relocated back to my home town of Los Angeles with my wonderful husband. I am a mother to 3 beautiful children and feel blessed to have this life. I have always been a source of support to my sisters and friends in time of need.  With the birth of my second and third child, I was fortunate to have the support of my sisters and mother during labor and delivery.  I then realized the gained strength and power of having another woman, or in my cases many women, comforting and attending to your every need at your most vulnerable and sacred time in your life.  While my family was providing some emotional support, I can only imagine the enhanced empowerment I would have felt had they given me the comfort measures and the evidence based information to make informed decision along with the emotional support.  That is exactly the benefit of a trained birth doula who helps create a calm, secure and empowering birth experience with encouraging words, supportive touch and  trusted knowledge.  I followed my heart and attended the Birth Doula training at BiniBirth with founder and DONA International President, Ana Paula Markel.  I am now able to offer myself to help create a birth where calm and confidence reign instead of anxiety and fear. 

I believe every woman deserves a doula. I believe in providing a calm, secure and empowering space for the laboring woman to help her achieve the birth she desires without judgement. With security and safety comes relaxation, letting go and openness.  When a woman feels safe, listened to, and respected in her birthing experience, she will feel empowered in that birth. When a woman makes informed decisions for herself and her baby; she will feel empowered as a mother. The comfort of both the laboring woman and her partner is my focus.  The journey of pregnancy, labor and birth is a sacred one and whichever path is chosen, be it at a hospital, home or birth center, it is my greatest honor to hold space and  honor your needs. 

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